Basically im an icon and ppl try to copy me lol This one was by far one of the most expensive and hard to track down. Also one of the older one


But I remember seeing that Billy wear this outfit like six months ago probably And I remember being like oh wow, that is so cool No


one on earth could pull that off the way that she does and I think that was really when I started falling in love with her style like so much and how Daring she was and also how she really took away all like gender roles to style which I think is the coolest thing ever


And from then on I was just like very very very obsessed actually I’m friends with the owner of the company that makes this stuff freak City LA. I’ve been wearing free city LA forever They also owned the Louie bodega here. So I shot some stuff there Elijah Shaw music video there thankfully


I was lucky enough to be able to just text them and have them like Make me one just love a little mo Mo where I get to like use my followers for fuckin cool shit


But just because they made it for me doesn’t mean they didn’t fuckin charge me and this was like 500 bucks. I Always wonder if Billy biggest version did Billy pay five dollars with this like probably not, you know If you look at me and you don’t know if I’m rich now you two really paired this with these like grape Air Max


97 shoes that are like teal and purple and I probably never would work this with these but that’s what I think is so cool About her style because everything she does is very fucking Unexpected and not like those people and that’s why she’s gonna hate this video because it’s me just copying her


But I probably wouldn’t normally wear them together I probably wouldn’t even wear the pantsuit as a whole and because I’m a whore I would probably wear This crewneck was like biker shorts or like these pants with like a bodysuit


This is gonna be the most modest I’ve ever looked me, too but also While picking out these shoes found out that I have a giant ass cock


They didn’t have these shoes my size and they only have them in a men’s size 8 and I was like, oh my god I’m just a little girl like they’re not gonna fit me like I’m just a little dainty girl And I’m wiry and I have this whole conversation


Where he’s like Tana you think your feet are smaller than they are like they’re gonna fit you It’s a men’s eight like just get it. Whatever and then they get here and they like


addd meeee on sc: tanamongeu1 Grocery shopping like buying hummus and this that’s the point of this video I wanted to wear the crazy shit that Billy wears in my mundane boring ass fucking day-to-day life


So yeah, let’s wear this shit – fucking target, bro I actually Really want to wear less in this video so that it stays monetized because I literally spent my entire bank account on this video


Me just walking by Gucci slices and bitching about not having any money. I’m so it’s a green pants and Yeezys I’m literally the most annoying bitch I know I’m also wearing a wet bikini under this because I went swimming


Earlier and I was too lazy to change it. So that doesn’t make me single-handedly the most disgusting bitch on this planet I don’t know what does and now you guys know on my pussy feels which is like a little moist I’m not really living for a damn. I just said I wouldn’t swear and I’m talking about pussy. I


Don’t know, you know, that’s what she wore with it. Oh you just like the shoes in general What are you wearing to Target I Definitely feel cooler in this though. Like I feel richer. Yeah, we really should go. This is such a Walmart outfit


Ashlee’s fucking out there right now And then there’s me oh She’s also shooting right now with this wraparound


Done expose me Oh my god guys, people like fan accounts are already noticing. I posted a boomerang in this outfit and people are already noticing I’m nervous


Guys, I didn’t okay, like I know I’m wearing like a full-blown like money suit, but I’m literally not even inside of target yet I’m like five dirty looks and I’m so shocked We’re like going down the escalator right now and the people over there


Are giving me the dirtiest fucking looks and I’m sure like I get it it’s a money printed tracks Ooh, and I look fucking insane, but I did not think I’d be in target for 10 minutes getting dirty looks like this I’m actually like ashamed and kind of want to change normal


Is this the target version why is it kind of cute? Okay. I’m like this is not a daily blog. What am I doing? Oh My god, hey girl, you got a poster and sticker and temporary tattoos. Like why do I want it? Okay, guys, my feet are starting to hurt. Do you like my outfit?


Okay out of ten Oh So I’m hoping Target you guys are literally sitting on a pair of Yeezys right now on my shoe rack. Bye my friend earlier


I was popping you up on a box of joints. So I literally have a thousand tripods, but I just just never gonna happen I’m dr. Target now, it’s 10 p.m I’m Ashley and I spend a good five hours there like normal


I guess that I I didn’t think about this with this video that I kind of normalize outfits like this look at me I’m just like oh that’s fucking dope. There’s money all over it like it’s fucking sick fucking god always constantly in surroundings where I’m very


accepted for like whatever I want to wear like whatever I want to do and still walking around target like this was so many fucking people I haven’t gotten that many dirty looks in so So so so long that’s not saying a lot for me and then on top of that me just being like an obnoxious


ass bitch that like swears way too much like drops everything like it’s so clumsy is like freaking out or like the lollipops like the Combination of me being dressed psycho, and the way I act was single-handedly So embarrassing like everything I did I was so much more cautious of being like less. Obnoxious


It also really made me think about the fact like Billy does go dress like this But even more extravagantly chains and shit pretty much everywhere She goes she’s never really dressed that little key and it made me really think about the fact that like when she’s in normal settings


The way people probably look at her and like treat her and it’s very crazy. That society is so progressional and like awesome and accepting but at the same time like not to the point that you can just wear whatever the fuck you want anywhere like they’re still gonna be places where you get a


Thousand dirty looks it also made me get recognized like ten times more I was taking show me fucking photos with you guys and I was like, I’m sorry It’s for a video, but what’s cool is every single one of you guys than I met where I was like yo


I’m dressing like Billy Eilish for a week. That’s why I’m dressed like this. You guys were like, yeah. It’s a do pass outfit I didn’t even think twice like the fact that my fan base does breathe such Accepting people was so sick at the same time every single one of you guys


I meant like complemented my outfit before I even said anything and I was like oh but um Yeah, not to be like this video is a social experiment. I’m gonna shut up though. There’s definitely six more days of shit So I don’t want to make this video 45 minutes long for no reason


I was just watching this Trisha Paytas video where she ate McDonald’s for a week and it was literally her just going through the drive-thru every day getting an Egg McMuffin and the video was an hour long and I Was like if that ain’t fuckin me so I’m gonna go put on some different clothes now


Jake by Me in this hat is literally what I see in sleep paralysis like this is so fucking ugly I’m so glad I have a big cock J to give this hat to outfit number two


I’ve been planning this video for literally three months now and I bought all the shit. We was like cold outside now It’s getting hot outside. I’m just walking around like hot la well bitches are in crop tops like Okay, so Billy is that


She wore this outfit with these shoes they’ve been dopest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I was debating on like Making them for this video only having a little like 10 DIY


Oh lordy I haven’t like sounded or something and then I just realized that that would literally just be like me Wasting a pair of shoes and a bunch of like paint


So I decided to just wear this like airforces or bands or something like that for a lot of the stuff in this video I actually D and a lot of the companies I will say like I have a lot of holders to introduce And a lot of them were nice enough to give me a lot of this stuff


you’re about to see in the rest of this video, but I Deem this shoe company like trying to reach out to them to like give me a pair of these shoes like for this video and I go hi, and they go hi, and I go love your stuff Wow


And they like it and they go Thanks we dig it too And then I go could I borrow not even keep like literally bar like bitch I will mail them back to you could I borrow pair of shoes for an upcoming video and they


They said scene They said Billy wash it and we don’t fucking need your ass Hannah and that’s just they’re not wrong And you know if I was scoot Apparel, I would do the same fucking thing


Yeah I’m not I don’t have dope shoes that say my name on them on the side which fucking sucks and that’s again why Billy is? Better than me


This is so ugly on me, the mint is cute on the jumpers are like, okay look imagine me just like Hey the summer hats all the time on my youtube channel back in the day literally just to cover my tracks I would like put extension in fall around my head and like have a little bun and just like put the hat on


And it was so embarrassing once when I was at a house party and the guy I liked was like flirting with me and he took my hat off to Like flirt with me, and it was just extended and we’d listen to saying we never talk again


Just to bros and their hats Relax, I told you this is a good outfit you like the Hat on my head like I look good in the time Yeah, and I was actually gonna compliment your hair too, but then I felt like it was gonna be too much


Okay, I forgot to talk about the prices of everything cuz I wanted to keep that up in this video this is what ii was like $400 when shogun me wrong


like it’s mean it’s like cool but like I really Could have just bought like a minute sweat suit from Mike Haynes doing this video It’s crazy to actually see how much money Billy really doesn’t spend on her clothes, obviously


She’s Rich’s shit, but I guess because I like love her so much I just look at her as like this like humble as she’s like dripped in Louie. It makes no sense I’m literally just such a Sam and I’m like blank. This was like 400 bucks. And then this was probably like 60


oh my god, I guess I just want to include the prices of everything to Be able to use them as tax write-off. Okay, also carrying a brush around for me because I


Thought it was Come on we’re going to can’t wait to meet a bunch of fans looking dumb as fuck Look at like a bootleg Billy Eilish if I’m lucky. Oh, I love her they could have just done this


Hoodude like I’ve actually never met someone who looks so ugly and a half like hey like tan I like kind of cute like I’m wearing no makeup today though. I think I’m bleeding down my leg right now Ten toes don’t hear any more motherfuckers. Oh my god. It’s so ugly


Tell them we use my hot girl little hot girl is such a mean thing to say At the beach with the girls, you know whenever little kids to the news and they feel like Hey guys just out of the bathroom


And if you were wondering I actually did just bleed all over my new $4 lets you so I’m yeah I love having my period it’s awesome. I totally want kids so it totally is worth it and makes so much sense You know that I’m just gushing whatever everything on my expensive clothes. I think want to have kids, you know, so like it makes sense


Okay guys it is day 3 I think I had to pick at least one outfit that I like absolutely hated because what is like a Dressing like someone for a week video if you’re just wearing a fuck to have outfits that you really like


I guess the point of this type of video is I chose this outfit and I just got my hair curled which looks so much fucking worse with this fucking book You’re not I’m not a habit really at all. Let alone a bucket hat bitch because I look like this


And of course Billy can just pull off this fucking outfit Absolutely perfectly and she looks fucking great in it because she could literally wear anything and then she’s wearing this free freedo shirt That is but I always see Adam 22 talking about freeing him


so free him this ship is really $200 and then sold out because Billy it was being resold online everywhere for the five or six hundred dollars And I’d already spent way too much money on this video


So I have like a ghetto bootleg reprint website like print this shit But it actually looks the same so I’m kind of impressed with that I might start doing that with expensive shirts more because I love a good finesse my book it out is from Amazon love with apparel


And then these overalls are Joyrich I loves my rich but I Loki think these are fucking fugly I don’t really like gold and I think this pattern looks like your grandma’s couch. But again, Billy I’m not she wore it with these fucking


Booth ass Nike slides Loki sorry Billy. It hurts me so bad to say it. Only. What about this one? This one was actually fairly cheap The only thing that was like expensive are these overalls which I will definitely be selling a my deep up links below


I’m going to a pedicure. So I thought the outfit with slides would be like perfect for that. I don’t know Billy gets pedicures I wonder if really gets pedicures with my crusty dusty musty ask toes in these slides But of course Billy did not do you like my outfit? No usually a boy. Thank you


Oh, that’s Fredo Santana on your shirt. You don’t know Fritos antenna No, who was that? He’s dead. No, but oh wait, really Oh shit. Sorry. I thought I was in jail. Everyone was saying like free him No, you can have this out dude little hot girl. Wow


Really yeah, that’s crazy. I completely disagree I literally think it looks so fucking stupid right now Love being carpet Hey, they do you like my outfit


If you and Ashley both said that I literally think I look so fucking stupid no you’ve done way worse like wait like Hi Do you like my outfit


What is it? Like literally where you were, I’m dressing as Billy Irish for the week. This is lying Billy would wear she did wear this exactly would she look at thousands?


You look my phone’s dead. I Don’t think it’s ridiculous I think that you look like there’s like this image from the early 2000s of like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears


You talk about doesn’t Timberlake but Dawson Plus a character from singing in the rain. The fuck is singing in there and give you give me like some 2000s references, please You look broke


Anything else down I don’t like it Okay Why do my overalls match your fucking ugly ass grandma carpet that’s the problem right now classical piece


Like it’s actually a vintage t.j.maxx and you don’t get your ass off guys like what the fuck Hey, Billy Billy lovely lovely you think she looks like college lady. Should I redo it take two


Doesn’t even know I’m dressing up as Billy. I think I’m winning I Forgot to show you this but while I’m on my phone


all of Billy’s accounts are starting to notice that I’m dressing like her and they don’t know it’s like for a video so they’re like This is not it. I love you. But like this ain’t it this? Oh my god. What is she doing? We don’t even own I’m successful be trolling all of Billy’s fuck that I gots right now


Doing my straight take the Oh Alexa pause Hello, this video feels like it is never ending and I think I’m realizing that committing to anything for a week is so hard for


Me speaking of committing to anything for a week being really hard for me. I’m going through a breakup right now And what other youtuber who would turn I dress like Billy eyelash for a week into my breakup So I’ve been like really unmotivated to film this video because I’m not that happy


Of that and I knew that editing the footage would be like me and Brad and it would make me really sad But that rhyme to him a poet man II don’t even know it But this video was also something trendy that I want to finish right now, so I’m trying to like power through it right now


I don’t know why I’m telling you any of this like imagine a random person clicking on this video just cuz they like like Billy I wish I was like here but I decided that for today’s outfit I would go for the most low-key one and the one I would probably like wear and I’m somehow also


Managing to only fill myself doing this when I go to Target. I have to go to Target I’m wearing this two-piece set from above heaven. What’s funny actually is when I was picking out the outfits I wanted for this video I saw this out then I was like, okay, that’s dope. It’s like really chilled something


I would actually wear I’m gonna throw it in there on like a day I’m feeling lazy and like actually trying to dress like Billy for a week this hoodie was $75 and these joggers were $70


everything Billy wears is like a subtle fucking flex because it’s like a hoodie in joggers and like it was $145 and then I got this beanie from a company fuck 12 when I was like a hood rat growing up in Vegas I feel like all my friends and I were constantly screaming fuck talk. I was like my favorite thing to say


I thought I was so cool No wear this today and record what my friends think maybe try to find a boyfriend and record what he thinks I thought I would Give you a little update mid video that you totally didn’t fucking ask for it and show you my outfit of the day


Also decided to put on a tennis chain because companies always send me tennis change listener He was also just saying like robbed me robbed me. Rob me. It looks like Billy’s wearing one of the photo I don’t know if she actually is I’m sure hers are worth more money then mine


Well, that actually looks like hard with this shit though the second I can wear it with a billy outfit I’m like, oh would I like it? I love tennis chains Mario do you know what fuck twelve means?


Yeah, yeah police Is it something you’ve ever ignorant ly screamed at the police? No, okay What is it? Fuck 12 is like it’s like a getaway of saying like fuck the police. Sounds like some art Kelly shit. Yeah, totally


That’s so funny that’s all I need a beginning of this video I was saying like if you grew up in Vegas You like know what buck twelve means because like ignorant kids would always be like Isabelle


Can you think of the amount of times that like we scream like fuck twelve like while doing some like ignorant shit? Yeah Yeah, so I just came outside and I asked Mario like do you know what that means and he like kind of knew but it Like it was very evident. It was something he had never screamed


And is really walked out of here as you look away. She goes fuck 12 Love that biggest girl’s Uniting Chris Clemons video which is right now. I just put more


More oh my god Frick. Yes. I really fucked up this outfit So hope you enjoy that just now at I can’t find the avocados on Instagram said okay Tana When’s this copying Billy for a week video coming out? Oh shit


by inspiring your music choices or no I Know this literally has nothing to do with this video and like this is not a daily blog


But I open a brick of cheese in Target I’m eating it as I walk around and I just met this girl who came up to me Don’t rubas like I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you but you look a lot like Tana mojo


but ever someone tells me that I’m like damn like I’m fucking uglier in real life like yeah, there’s a slight chance that like I’m prettier and realized like that’s just not true You know, I just had me thinking, you know


I really don’t clip my own toenails Intermission I said there’s an outfit and no one noticed that I was dressed like anyone except for myself, so I’m gonna move on to some crazier outfits after this one. Sorry about that


Last time I wore this hoodie. I was getting cheated on. Oh My god, I never thought this video would come to an end this Is the final Billy eyelash outfit? I am like it’s really hard for me as a youtuber


It was 4 million subscribers to plan out a YouTube videos, you know, I just I’m just really off the cuff I’m really spur of the moment. I’m really spontaneous You know, you can see a dog potty pad in the back of the shot and it’s upsetting me


But I have wanted to do this video idea for six fucking months I have been spending way too much of my money simultaneously for so fucking long I’ve literally had three different boyfriends in the time of filming


And I am so happy to be done – holy shit. And another one of the outfits that in the very beginning Inspired me to want to do this video. I’m like Billy wore this on her 17th birthday I know that I’m a psychopath. She also did her hair like this. So I tried to do my hair


like that But the problem is is that hers is like real and healthy and like eight of my tracks are probably showing right now. Ooh There’s one there’s our girl there she is but this outfit


Was made by one of my favorite Instagram stylist and by far the one that I went back and forth with the most on an outfit for this video it took us so long to come to the conclusion of this one because he actually does make the majority of the stuff that Billy wears his app is


That Sulu I don’t know if I can say that is that like gang like it is gang affiliated? But it’s also like an Instagram handle So it’s like fine, right? Oh


My please don’t put me in a scandal like I’m really trying to be the only person on YouTube who isn’t cancelled right now Um, but I really want this outfit to be the thumbnail, I think so we’re about to go to an


abandoned Zoo Because Billy took a photo in this outfit on a bench and hunter thinks he knows where similar benches at an abandoned Zoo so I’m gonna wear this outfit there and probably for the rest of the day, so


Let’s go. Oh my god this videos over. I’m so happy I’m so excited you guys to see this also keeping video ideas secrets is really hard for me and Billy eyelashes fandom has been roasting Me for a solid like two months now because every time I wear one of these offers on my Instagram story


They’re like you fucking copycat ass pose your bitch, but they don’t know that I’m filming this I’m just excited for it to be over. Okay, let’s go. Hey Jordan Why aren’t you talking to me because you just yelled so loudly the whole neighborhood there was this bucket it wasn’t yelling tena


I literally heard it from my office and the pool guy It wasn’t me going it wasn’t me yelling into the pool and I swear to god. He almost fell in the first one This is a Billy Eilish outfits video. And then the first thing I thought was got my puppies in there


He’s so picky because it’s fun Anything else about my outfit Are you even an hour to work on this bit – it looks like the Machane defense, you know what I mean nowhere quit


Does it looks like offense? It’s kind of like you you’re like a dog in defense do you like my hair? Any final commentary on my outfit that I can use for this video so that it’s long enough


You look like a snowflake with the black usually you shouldn’t stop your head You look like Puppies mom. Oh


My god guys because I’ve been planning this video for six months it’s so hot outside. Yes. I look cute Guys why won’t you let me have the air up? It’s fucking cold. You’re cold. Yeah, you don’t feel like it’s gonna pull is that fast so mean?


Hunter brought me somewhere with a literal coyote. I Literally wanted your home. It’s kind of jacket. Okay, I don’t fucking care what it’s called. I want to go home First of all, it’s so humid outside


Like it’s coming Home getting food. Yeah you Like knee-high socks and I’m like thermally layered right now. I’m literally my calves are like dripping in sweat


I literally feel so disgusting. This is why I don’t go outside and I’m jumping so fucking earthy No, I don’t shoot for free earth mode. What do you say? The person picking up dirt


I’m holding the camera. How do I so you angle your body more anywhere? Right here. Don’t touch me actually miss saying that you don’t touch me so touching me. All right, I’ll put that ankle. Oh cool


Yeah, what type of face maybe your ears vibes are making me feel high and I’m not even high I’ll look at him being a little park reinder Touching you you’re doing great keep it up

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