Pokimane’s Secret RELATIONSHIP Exposed!!!! **Crazy leaked texts**
So fed meister is a popular streamer, who was part of a group called offline tv now this summer that just went by he was cancelled by his fellow members, including pokeman. Well, he has just released a huge google document, completely exposing pokeman 25 pages of pure carnage.

I love the smell of drama in the morning and i’m telling you this. Has it all intrigue, romance deceit, manipulation, but this document is so long. I need to shorten it down, make it more digestible for you guys at home to understand.

I’ve, read it all read the whole thing feel like i ‘ Ve got a pretty good grasp on it and you guys can decide for yourself what you think of fed meister and pokemon, because let me tell you he blows the lid off this thing.

Let me read out why he himself said he made this document. I want to defend myself where possible, giving context to things i felt when necessary. For my peace, i’m sober and i’m in therapy. I have learned a lot about myself and my issues.

I’m working very hard to address what causes these issues. My relationship with pokey was a lot more complicated than we were close. I didn’t, try to manipulate our friends to get them to hate, pokey pokey’s.

Relationships with just friends was professional and she used me as a scapegoat for not forming friendships with them. She isolated herself from them. I told some people, we had a thing and i felt i was being honest.

However, it was wrong because i broke her trust and privacy. I never tried to get eve on fired because of the incident between us, but pokey later does. For other reasons. Now i’m sure. A lot of you are unfamiliar with this situation.

Read these claims and like what even is he talking about don’t worry, we’re gonna go through and explain all of it in this video. A lot of this document is responding to the things pokemon said in this stream.

30 minutes long where she says her experiences with fed meister, and this document is proving a lot of what she says wrong and she completely and utterly misrepresents their relationship and leaves out a whole bunch of context.

That makes him look way worse than he ever should have buckle the [ __ ] in so let’s, see what pokeman said about fed in her stream fed was by far the closest friend i had like within otb and just a very, very Close friend to me in general um, albeit having a very, very complicated, dynamic uh, we were super close.

What is it with these phrases? In 2020? First, we had entanglement, and then i got into an entanglement and now complicated, dynamic. Good one here is just a tease of one of their text. Exchanges that fed has leaked, so i got lost in thought.

Can you legit hit everything fed replies, ah lost in thought? Yeah yeah, i haven’t, started um taking care of myself. You know fed, i will commence shortly: peace emoji more like fist, emoji lol tongue, emoji, wet emoji, ah have fun pokemane.

I’m, still embarrassed by the way decided. I will never close my door again. If you know what i mean hmm, so you’re saying i could just walk in right now i hear you, i don’t think you know what i mean then he he i think i might have to come in.

So you can elaborate or what i’m talking about haha. If you must literally locked oops debated that’s unfortunate haha, i feel like. I can sense your frustration check again. Definitely just friends just by this one text and there’s tons more, but clearly you guys are into each other and weren’t just good friends which really makes fed look like an obsessive friend and creep.

When you tell stories like this, without giving any of this context, something you claimed was one of the biggest problems you had with him an incident where we threw a house party, and he knew that there was someone coming to the house party that i was really Looking forward to seeing and getting to know and when that guy came to the house party or arrived at the party, um fed kind of stuck to him like glue all night, but from my perspective i was like.

Oh like that’s. Nice. You know my close friend and this guy that i want to get to know like they’re getting along so well that’s really nice to see later that night after the party ended um. I texted this guy and i was like oh kind of sucks like we didn’t get to hang out and he was like yeah.

You seemed really busy and i was like me busy, like you and fed, were you know two peas on a pod all night and he goes oh yeah like what’s going on with you guys, and i was like what do you mean? What’s going on, and he the guy informed me that fed told him that we were together when we weren’t and that he told the guy not to tell anyone not to talk to anyone about it.

Not to talk to me about it, i retroactively asked someone else from kind of the past whether fed had said something similar to him, and they did – and i very recently just today found out that he said the same thing to another guy and the guy.

I found out about today was someone else that, like i, was seeing or wanting to get to know so to anyone who, watches months ago, fed just looks like an overly jealous friend, who can’t break out the friend zone or something that is Trying to [ __ ] block pokeman and push all these guys away and pretend that they’re in some sort of thing.

That is what it would look like, because no one knew that they were in a thing. So let us add even more context from fed. He gives us a lot more background into his and pokemon’s. Relationship during the taiwan trip pokey, and i got really close.

A lot of good moments came from that trip. I felt like our honeymoon phase of getting to know someone and that’s. What it was. This was the first time we talked and looked at each other differently. We discussed some pretty personal things like work, ethic, drive and dreams.

We came back from taiwan and that kind of energy between us continued on and off stream. We started to have breakfast dinner together. Every day we became very flirty, especially through text, and he shows more text between them, such as pokemane.

I saw what you wrote in chat made me blushy. Also these texts, i showed at the start, video of them talking about noshing themselves off okay, made sending a text message screenshot of their manager, that they both share.

Who was talking about pokey and fed saying? Oh, my god, you’re into it. You’re feeling it with pokemon, sending the shrug emoji pokey your eyes glittery and you effing look at him like an adoration which pokeman sends those of dot dot, dot dot.

She actively sent that to fed screenshotted their chat with. I need our manager to stop. Fedven continues, saying started, having occasional sleepovers and just in general, we’re, definitely heading in a romantic direction.

He shows more text between him and pokey fml. Few temmie. Sorry she woke you. I just woke up. I’m too hot gonna sleep in my room fed was going to ask if i could come with, but is okay pokey love heart night.

You can come with me next time. This is not just a good friend my pokemon has tried, making fed out to be closest friend. I had. They very clearly had something going on and we have to continue even more because fed adds some even more important context by saying april may 2018 pretty much the same as march, except she was traveling a lot we texted and facetimed a lot.

She would send me messages like i miss you and refer to me as honey, bun or randomly call me cute and we would still have sleepovers. He again shows further text from the two of them fed fed. You cute fed, says hope your flight is going well.

Miss you ah honey bun. I miss you too fedi i’ll, be back soon. Don’t worry, fed honey wants to sleep over that cool with you, sorry, but not tonight. Tomorrow’s a big day as much as i want to sleep over with both honeys, and he explains that honey is one of his dogs, so she was referring to both of them, but unless she’s, a complete and utter freak, I’m, pretty sure that emoji was meant for fed more undeniable proof that they weren’t just friends, and this is extremely important now, if you remember back to the start of this video, what one of pokemon’s Biggest problems with fed personally was was that he was going around and he told some people that him and pokey were like seeing each other altogether.

Fed goes on to talk about the first incident in which he accidentally told someone he says and bear with me. So edc 2018 came around and i was roommates with josh. This isn’t his name, but for anonymity we’ll, just call him josh our airbnb.

Of course it was pretty obvious to him. I was texting pokey a lot as well as facetiming her he hadn’t, said a single thing about it yet, and it certainly already looked like something might have been going on to him at some point.

He asked me about us, and i said uh there’s, something going on yeah and he didn’t believe it. I think so. I asked our manager me pokey josh, all sharers, say manager at the time and she was well aware of how close me and pokey were.

I asked her, you know about me and pokey right and she confirmed it. She was also at edc house of us. So in my mind i felt like i was being honest, but it was one of my first major mistakes. Now the situation looks completely different.

It isn’t, a good friend who’s, going around lying to people about him and pokey being together, as pokemane has made out in her video. Ah, like what’s, going on with you guys – and i was like what do you mean? What’s, going on it’s, a guy who was in a romantic fling or thing with pokemane and just answered a question? Honestly, didn’t lie from what i’ve seen.

It seems. The only issue was that pokemane was trying to hide him from other people. This situation. He tells us right now he got excited and he told a mate. How many of us have told friends things about our romantic lives that we can’t, wait to tell them probably everyone.

Now there are two other situations that pokeman talks about that we are addressing later, but fed then gives a very interesting insight into pokeman and her not liking fed making it a little bit obvious that they’re, seeing each other and trying to keep It a secret she calls out fed for using the word babe in front of other people’s on face time in the text.

He shows she says, fed quick question. Yes, what’s up? Are you calling me baby in front of others? No, i’m surprised. You’re, calling me baby at all. Sorry, if it bothers you that’s, my favorite pet name and it’s, boyfriend restricted it’s cute, but why would we be acting too gay la mao? You’re cute.

Sorry, i’ll. Stop it’s; okay, just um! You’re only allowed like two a week like an allowance. I’m going to go into fat debt. I’m lucky to have you, someone who accepts me as a whole. This is just like so jarring for me to read it kind of just comes off as pokeman saying i’m so lucky to have someone.

I can tell what to do and will happily keep my secret for me. Anyone watching this video who’s in a relationship or i’ll like someone. If this is the kind of vibe they’re, giving you run for the hills and then fed shows even more texts, even more so many texts of pokemane, just completely messing with his head saying.

I do feel like i need to understand the boy scene a little bit more before being ready to commit, maybe date around or something i don’t know chilling for now. I do think you are wonderful, though, but you know how i feel about it all.

Oh damn that’s cold. You still want to date around just so i understand correctly. I feel like i should damn all right, don’t. You think you should too, as much as i enjoy being of you and as comforting as it is seems a little rushed after our past.

Maybe you’ve, gotten to date around more than me with shelby and whoever else. But for me i don’t, know and again taking that step with you is a big big deal with work and living sich. It’s really hard for me to figure out what’s right move is, but i don’t know we can sit on it.

Some more. I’m too weak for this convo right now. I don’t know i care about you a lot so yeah. This hurts to hear. I’m, not interested in anyone else. I feel like at home with you. I feel that way with you too, but i want to make sure it’s, an honest feeling and not a feeling of habit if that makes sense.

Oh, oh, my [, __ ] heart hurts after reading that god, damn just completely just wasted by pokeman in broad daylight, in front of everyone. That is, that is something it’s, the definition of a mind, [ __ ], and i guarantee you a lot of you guys watching right now can relate to this can relate to someone treating you like this and how much that can mess with Your head from the text we saw previously, it was all you know, hunky-dory and then suddenly, out of nowhere, you get someone tell you this, because they feel a bit uncomfortable about you.

Calling them babe fed then goes on to explain how this on and off again stance from pokemon affected him. By now, you can tell there’s, a cycle of talking again and then oh wait. There’s, a problem. This cycle continued throughout the years and every time it didn’t work out.

I think i lost a part of myself. I don’t blame him. If that was what was going on and she kept going off and on again that can really make you doubt yourself it can make you question why you’re, not good enough, it can really mess with you mentally fed then goes on to address The guy at the party that pokeman talked about earlier there was someone coming to the house party that i was really looking forward to seeing and getting to know where fed told him that him and pokeman were in a thing.

It’s, a bit of a doozy a bit of a long one, but we’re, getting the context and it’s, good information. So listen up. I’m, not sure if his name is ever mentioned. In the stream pokey made or if he himself made comments on it, but now we ‘

Ll call this next guy steve anyways after texting. In may, when i was at edc, we slowed down for a short time, but things would eventually start right back up again by july we were back in our on stage and things were going well and then i noticed she started playing games with steve a lot During this steve era, i definitely noticed she didn’t seem as interested in me, but always kept giving me enough attention to still have her.

In my mind, i felt like a starved guinea pig and my cage was unconditional feelings for pokey and she would feed me scrapes just enough to keep me alive. Sorry for the image, but that’s, how it truly felt at this point.

She was never honest with me about how she was really feeling about us. Anyways steve ended up coming to a house party in july and we chatted played some beer pong and got to know each other a little we dominated the beer pong table.

I knew she played games on stream with him a lot, but she never once told me she was interested in getting to know him more. This was never an attempt to keep him from her. We were literally stuck playing beer pong for half the night because we kept winning.

Of course, i think i knew he was eventually going to ask the question and lo and behold he did so is pokey seeing anyone right now. You would think i learned from last time her nope, i said there’s, sort of something going on between us and then i followed up with, but do your thing implying that he should still go for it? I know for a fact.

I said this because i almost instantaneously felt bad for saying the first part in pokestream. She claims, but i told steve to not tell anyone i said or talk about it at all. He told the guy not to tell anyone not to talk to anyone about it.

Not to talk to me about it, this is a hundred percent false. I know what i said anyways. He brought my conflicting message up to her. She was furious that i made it seem like we were a thing again. I felt like i was being honest.

Things were super complicated between us, him and pokeman were on again, as he likes to say, and so he told this person that they were having a thing or seeing each other. That is the full context, not the context that pokemane provided pokemon said it was just a good friend saying it effective.

I was like oh like that’s, nice. You know my close friend and this guy that i want to get to know like they’re getting along so well that’s really nice to see. That is outrageous. That is a ton of context left out of a very serious situation, because it’s blown up to ruin this man’s career.

I’m very curious to know pokemane why you left out all this context and why you left out all this very relevant information. I know it’s private, but once you start airing stuff like this online, you better make sure you cover all the bases and don’t leave out the main context of it all, apparently, according to fed she was still stringing him Along and gets mad at him because he told another guy at a party world of advice for you pokeman.

If this is actually what happened, maybe don’t have two blokes on the go at once, and you won’t run into this problem, fed getting blamed for betraying her trust when she is trying to have her cake and eat.

It is absurd to me absolutely absurd, and now you guys have more context to this story. I bet this clip. Oh yeah, like what’s, going on with you guys, and i was like what do you mean? What’s going on and he the guy informed me that fed told him that we were together when we weren’t sounds a hell of a lot different to when you first heard it at the start of this video fed, then Goes on to claim that pokemon, apparently flat out lied about the third guy.

That pokeman, allegedly found out that day, fed told that him and pokeman were seeing each other. And i very recently just today found out that he said the same thing to another guy, and the guy i found out about today was someone else that, like i, was seeing or wanting to get to know.

I never said to any other guy or person in her stream. She claims i had told another guy. I know who she is referring to because she texted me the day. She did this stream that she reached out to him.

I’ve only spoken to john, we’ll, just call him that once ever, and that was in passing a sponsored, godzilla debut where i went with pokey. The only thing we ever talked about was his vlog equipment and camera.

We never once thought about my relationship with pokey. He might have deduced that we could have been seeing each other because we came together, sat next to each other in the movie theater. But i never said a thing about us to him.

I’m. Fine with taking responsibility and accountability for the things i’ve done, but i want to be judged on the truth. Not lies. I mean it’s, pretty damning everything so far that feder showed about pokeman and he has owned up and taken accountability for his actions and passed allegations against him, which leads me to believe him more on this than pokemane.

Since she left out all that context, they literally have texts talking about whether they should make it official and pogeymane plays him off. As a close friend, i can’t. Pokeman did him so dirty. I never wanted to make fed look bad to other people.

Yeah. I’m gonna have to tap x on that one massive doubt now. Another huge accusation that pokemon accuses fedor is that he was the one who tried to get yvonne. Another member kicked out of offline tv, put a huge emphasis on this.

The way he [, __ ] talked yvonne and lily to me and others, particularly. I will just recount my experience is so frustrating knowing what happened between them. The yvonne incident happened and fed would start talking to me.

I’m, so sorry for being emotional, he would talk to me about how yvonne was lazy and not working enough and playing league all the time, and i was concerned, and he would say: oh she, like won’t work on no Tv stuff with me, or brainstorm well in text that fed show with pokemane it seems that she seemed to be the one who didn’t want yvonne around.

Firstly, she sends text to fed between her and lily another offline tv member, where she says to her quarantine, has made it very apparent that offline tv, isn’t, really lead or prioritized by anyone.

I guess, and i don’t mean like talent, doesn’t care about it, because our job is to be talent, and i know fed is partial talent. So he’s focused on streaming, and it also made me realize yvonne is like 90 a content creator now, which is great for her.

If that makes her happy for real, but also offline tv is left in the dust a little, then he shows text from pokemane to him about yvonne, saying when i really thought about it like. Why did we hire amanda when yvonne is supposed to be amanda, but in the house fed yeah? I feel you on that.

To be honest, though, i thought you were cool with her going the route we moved like. She started her youtube and everything because you and us were cool with it. Remember, seemingly defending yvonne as a content creator and the decisions they made collectively pokemon goes on to say, uh.

No, we agreed like content. Creator was not the root, but she likes to stream. On the side, but offline tv is the main thing, but now it’s like sponsor deals, youtube channel, etc. It’s very weird, in my opinion, so i think we need to get together and make some solid decisions as a group, or else the decisions will force themselves onto us down the road.

For example, if we got someone to help manage what happens to yvonne isn’t that a weird thought um, what pokeman? How are you gonna, go on stream and act like this? The way he [, __ ] talked ivonne and lily to me, when you’re, clearly pushing for her to get fired, or at least replaced in these messages in the most passive aggressive way possible.

To my ad, which i’m, not surprised, she is one of the most passive aggressive, [ __ ] in the industry. There’s more had a long talk with yvonne pokey update me. I made a big decision as well. Yvonne wants to move out still manage offline tv and still stream in league question.

Yvonne wants to move out and still manage offline tv and still stream in league. I don’t, get that best of all worlds. Wasn’t an option and then she goes on to say i’m. Okay with that sorter i don’t know it just rubs me the wrong way.

She got lazy. So she’s. Gon na move out and just take care of the offline tv stuff she wants her too low. He would talk to me about how yvonne was lazy. It’s like we’re working around her. For me, it’s like okay, but let’s, look for better people! If a biz dev comes in and wants to do what yvonne does on top of everything else.

I must say yes, that’s, my ideal, let’s, play that clip one more time for good measure. The way he [ __ ] talked yvonne and lily to me now is there a situation where fed might have been saying stuff about yvonne behind the back too sure but pokemane? Why are you sitting there making yourself out to be this innocent oowoo pogba’s girl when you’re literally chatting [ __ ] about her behind her back and twice in these two separate occasions pushing for her to get replaced? I was honestly in shock when i read this today.

I i’ve, heard a lot about fed meister in the situation he was in and i went into this document thinking. He was going to chat a lot of bollocks, but the more i read the more it became apparent how his side of a story had been twisted, a ton and a lot of context left out by pokeman.

He doesn’t, go after the two other girls who made claims against him. He fully acknowledges them and their claims, but specifically this video and what he’s talking about is pokeman pokemane, as we all know, has very much struggled with taking accountability because she has such a fragile ego pokeman.

You have a lot to answer for here. You have a lot to ask for as why you left out so much context why you made yourself out to be innocent about the whole yvonne situation as if you weren’t pushing for her to get fired, like we saw from this situation from What i’ve seen and the real pokemon, because we do get a glimpse into the real pokemon through these texts she seems to be nasty, manipulative, self-centered and someone i just would never want to be around the original.

Google doc is in the description down below check it out. Look at it. There’s, a lot more stuff there’s more even more screenshots i didn’t include that’s. How stacked this document is? I very much encourage people if you got to this part of the video to go and read it, but not before you leave a like on this video.

If you agreed with me, if you enjoyed the video, please leave a like and spread this information to everyone spread. It spread it around, because people need to see fed side of the story subscribe right now, if you ‘

Ve made it this far. If you’re here right now in a video, please hit that subscribe button. It really helps out, helps the channel and if you enjoyed the video it ‘ Ll, be more like this. All my socials and the links down below follow my instagram follow my twitter hit me up on either of them.

I reply to everyone. My dm ‘ S are always open and yeah till next time, [ __ ] off

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