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If you have not heard of Pokimaneyet, then you are probably not a fan of online games. Born in May 1996, thisyoung female shot to fame for her streams on Twitch, a live video streamingservice. Her gaming experience focuses on popular video games like League ofLegends and Fortnite.

Her real name is Imane Anys, and sheis of Moroccan descent but has grown up in Canada. She took up chemicalengineering at McMaster University. Pokimane places much value in education asshe recently donated thousands of dollars to help promising students finishtheir degrees.

She has been streaming in Twitchsince 2013, and this hot female star recently made headlines for signing amulti-year deal with Amazon’s streaming platform. With more than 3.9 millionfollowers on Twitch alone, she is the most prominent female celebrity who usesthe service.

Apart from Twitch, Pokimane hasaccounts in other social media stages. Her eponymous YouTube profile has almost5 million subscribers, with a whopping 390 million total views to date.

Her videos include gaming content,blogs, and a podcast. These numbers are exclusive of her second YouTube account,which focuses on providing ASMR videos.

Many viewers watch her channel forher cute and charming personality, but Pokimane has also shown her sexy side innumerous videos. Wearing crop tops and tight yoga pants that perfectlyhighlight her thick ass makes watching her more entertaining.

Her Instagram has 4.7 millionfollowers and a ton of photos showing Pokimane in various quirky poses. Asidefrom her pretty smile, the well-defined abs and flawlessly set boobsimmediately capture the attention. We have yet to see an official photo of herwearing a bikini, but we have no doubt she will look amazing in whatever outfitshe chooses to wear.

At only 23 years old, she has anestimated net worth of 2 million U.S. dollars. Sponsored ads and her YouTubechannel’s income contribute to the majority of her yearly salary. However, thisInternet personality has also released her merchandise, like t-shirts and otherclothing products online.

One thing that fans are most curiousabout is her relationship status. You might think to be on the spotlight foryears would get her to slip up about her love life, but Pokimane has remainedquiet on her dating escapades. Rumors popped up about a possible connectionwith a fellow YouTube star, but she has denied the allegations.  Officially, she is single and has addressedfans’ statements regarding her relationship affairs in a YouTube video. Regardlessof her status, true fans will support her. We are looking forward to seeingmore of this Internet sensation in the coming years!

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