Locust plague: Day turns to night as 'biblical plague' of prophecy falls on Middle East

Locust plague: Day turns to night as 'biblical plague' of prophecy falls on Middle East

"These are locusts on a biblical scale. It's catastrophic, it's cataclysmic, it's apocalyptic and it's happening right now. "We've been talking about it for a while but guys, now it has turned the skies black, which takes us to two places in the Bible.

A LOCUST plague of “biblical proportions” has descended on Bahrain as a warning sign of the end times, a prominent Christian evangelist has bizarrely claimed.

Harrowing video footage from Bahrain shows millions of locusts swarming the skies, blotting out the Sun. Swarms of locust have plagued Africa in recent weeks, travelling eastward through the Middle East and towards China.

Locusts, which can devour entire fields of crops, have been dubbed a “looming catastrophe” to local infrastructure by the United Nations.

But Indiana-based preacher and online evangelist Paul Begley believes there is a bigger, prophetic danger associated with locusts.

Pastor Begley, who often preaches online from West Lafayette, said the plagues have been foretold centuries ago by the Bible.

He said: “Apocalyptic locusts. This is a biblical plague, this is a biblical sign of the last days – no question.

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