Jay Alvarrez LEAKED Coconut Oil Tape Was REVENGE PR0N: Logan Paul And David Dobrik Promoted
You know what my worst nightmare is to be in a jay alvarez video, especially after what i heard about what he allegedly did to his ex and uh. This very special tape that they filmed together, which was supposed to be private, so get ready.

Folks, because this whole video is gonna, be one big night terror. Congratulations! You’re, a piece of doo-doo. This whole j alvarez situation started in the most obvious place in the world. Logan paul’s, podcast the number one place for starting dumpster fire.

This is big man. I think we should take. Let’s just take a step back for a sec, let’s, see. How should this big – and i don’t even know, because it’s, not big, yet it’s. Gon na be big. Once this episode plays oh wait hold on, they got tea.

They got some nice thing that we’re gonna find out. Oh my goodness, i can’t, wait to hear what they’re gonna expose with the entire world, which literally nobody had to know about long story. Short, i get this dm from from a fan and i i i generally just comb through my dms just to see what people are saying out there.

I got to see him from from a fan that says: yo jay alvarez dropped, a uh dropped to sleep now. Folks, i know you’re thinking. They really shouldn’t, be talking about this tape on a podcast that millions of people were gonna watch and probably go and search up this tape, which probably got leaked without their consent.

Well, let me tell you something: folks: we’re talking about impulsive, it’s literally in the name. Everybody in this show doesn’t understand the concept of consequence. Part of their brand is to be stupid.

I went over to and i searched it out and you know hidden in the coffers there locked up with very little viewership on it almost like it could have skated under the radar three people on a giant, podcast, [, Laughter, ] folks.

They’re, directing the millions of people who follow jake paul to go look for this tape that was probably linked with other cassettes. The people who are in it so hilarious. Two people on the podcast don’t, bring me into this 4 000 views on it of this dude going nuts dates, nuts on a very popular russian model, and this is our business, because mike blackjack wants it to be our business, even though it Shouldn’t really be anybody’s business, but you know that’s.

How hollywood works everybody’s. Business? Is everybody’s, business? That’s? How people make money folks? Because every aspect of life should be monetized even the most personal ones. Some of those scenes had been borrowed for a piece that he used two years ago, so this video has existed and this it leads me to believe that this is probably a leaked video and thus it’s.

A terrific idea for logan paul and mike blackjack to use logan paul’s platform to promote this leaked tape to the millions of people who follow logan because having a functioning brain is something rare with the paul click.

Oh, did you see the j alvarez tape? Did you ask me how many times i’ve seen the grass? What did you say? I’m? Sorry. How many times have you seen it? Yeah there’s a there’s, a tape out with this travel vlogger yeah, his uh name is jay alvarez and yes, i’ve, seen the sex tape wow.

That is amazing. That david dobrik also saw it and is also letting his audience of tens of millions know about it, so they can go and search it up, because you know how it works. Folks, sex tape, leaks and you got ta drive traffic to it.

So you can make the people in it lose as much dignity as possible, because why else would you like a tape? I guess the woman who was in its vettebilli made a video explaining it to all of us. So we can understand.

I’m gonna talk about leaked video. Okay, this was my stake. I don’t believe it was leaked. I believe that jay posted it himself wait hold on sveta. Are you trying to tell me that jay alvarez leaked his own tape? No, why would anybody ever even think of doing that this video was made four years ago, while i was in sort of relationship with jay, i did never wanted to make those relationship public.

I always said it’s, just my friend, so i’m gonna miss for good old j alvarez. Guess he isn’t boyfriend material jay was like please let’s, make it on my camera. I will edit it it will be so cool. Let’s.

Just do this, let’s. Try this and i thought like why not. Why not? I trusted the guy my best friend, annella filmed it by the way she owns the rights to this. Video los angeles is the only city in the world where your best friend will not only help.

You shoot your tape, but they ‘ Ll also help you hold on to the rights to it. You never know what might happen in the future so might as well keep it in the hands of someone other than yourself, because that has always worked out so well, just ask hulk hogan.

He knows this. Video existed for a long time, and only while we were breaking up with jay that’s when he started to write in my friends, but he’s gonna post it wait hold on folks. Do you actually expect me to believe that jay alvarez was threatening his ex-girlfriend that if she broke up with him, he would post her tape? Because, honestly, i could see happening, i mean just look at his eyes: they’re, so sweet, but they exude.

So much evil reasons why jay did this? He wanted to promote himself and because people were starting to forget and jay is very self-obsessed person. He’s very attention seeking person. Folks jay is an influencer.

He’s, not attention seeking. He’s, a very well adjusted human being, who would not flip out over the smallest things. The person who would be like crashing furniture, because his video didn’t get enough likes at the end of the day.

Folks, it’s actually par for the course for most influencers. I mean i just heard that last week, jake paul went to a department store and broke every single plate because he got angry. He didn’t, get enough views in his latest vlog.

The other reason is that his previous ex alexis posted a tweet that he has a small dick and he wanted to prove that it was wrong, regardless of how you look at this situation. Folks, jay alvarez leaking revenge with his ex-girlfriend just so he could prove the size of ish.

Long is categorically the smartest dumbest thing a human being can do in their existence. It’s, smart because it’s, actual tangible evidence of what he’s, trying to prove and it’s also dumb, because it’ll land him in jail penal code, 647.

J4. Pc is a california law that makes it a criminal offense to engage in certain acts of revenge. This section applies to situations where one a victim initially consents to the recording of images of him, slash her.

She he has the understanding that the images will remain private. Three but then the defendant distributes those images, often on the internet, without the other person‘s consent. Now i may not be a lawyer folks, but that law appears to be exactly what jay alvarez allegedly did, which really makes you think what the hell were: logan paul and david dober thinking promoting that tape by the way let’s, not accuse alexis Of lying just for now, because we don’t know what really was true.

What was not because there’s, still a rumor going on that jay made a surgery to make his dick bigger. I don’t, know about you folks, but it’s, starting to sound to me, like jay alvarez, got an upgrade and decided to shoot this tape, so he could share it with the world.

He always was uh broke. Since i met him till the moment we stopped talking, which was like a year ago, we stopped talking, but before that i knew him for three years, like very good. We were talking all the time and he always had problems with money, as they say in the business.

If you can expose someone just go all out, especially when you consider someone like jay alvarez, who very clearly is very comfortable exposing himself, not even he was even borrowing money from me and not returning it for a long time.

I never had this situation in my life that the guy will borrow money from me. Let me explain something to you. Folks, jay alvarez may have millions of followers across several different platforms, but here’s.

The deal folks as the old saying in this business goes: 1 million followers does not equal a million dollars. He offered to me his manager, as i found out when i started working with him. He was taking money for brands, not telling me that faking my signature and then when i asked him like about this money, he was like just vanished.

He disappeared and i found out that jay was having percentage from all this hold on folks. We just established that jay was broke. How is he supposed to make money if he can’t even exploit his own girlfriend? I mean how else does she expect jay alvarez to pay for his next skydiving trip with his own money? I was blackmailed like when i was in africa.

Not that long ago, with those videos from anonymous number was refusing to believe that it was jay, because still it was my friend like i didn’t thought that my friend could do this folks. When are people going to understand that jay has very important skydiving meetings to go to and he will stop at nothing to get to them? Oh, and in case you have any doubt that jay would actually do anything like that.

Zvetta actually shared text messages like this one where jay says or i post are clearly threatening sveta to post the tape. If she didn’t do something that he wanted, which is a very good look. If your goal is to end up in prison when when i was blackmailed and when it was released, i was stressing out so much because i would never want anything like that to be posted in my career as an influencer.

I never posted any nudes anything like that, and i would never do it guys. I swear to you, you know sveta, you, don’t have to apologize first off. There are a couple of people that i would love to hear from.

So i can understand why they thought it would be okay to promote this uh revenge tape to their millions of followers. One of them is david dobrik. The other is jake paul, who literally said on his podcast that they were bringing the tape out of obscurity and sharing it with her millions of followers and the last person i want to hear from is jay alvarez, but i think he might be hearing from the Police before we hear from him and now a pellet cleanser anyway, defenders make sure you like subscribe for more videos like this, every like will be another day that a paul brother actually uses their brain.

By the way, did you notice that i said jake paul? Most of the video instead of logan, i know by the way, tell me in the comments down below what you think. I want to know check out these videos right here.

There you go too make sure to wash your hands, not touching your face. Staying away from stupid people have an amazing day defenders. I love all of you. Peace,

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