21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge – Step By Step Guide To Quite Sugar For Good

Unlike a sports challenge, such as Tough Mudder, we are not going to have you crawling through dirt and scaling walls.

While that might be a dream challenge for some people, we will stick with the fun and the occasionally whacky challenges of eating sugar free.

In the Sugar Detox eBook, we discuss how the sugar addiction comes from the brain. It can be caused by a lack of serotonin or dopamine. We ask that you first decide if you are lacking in serotonin, which will show itself as anxiety, depression or being fearful of the known and unknown. If that is not you, perhaps you are low on dopamine and need to ask yourself if you are lonely, wander around the house bored, or just have the blues on frequent occasions. Remember that having the blues is different than depression.

Depression normally comes with some physical side effects like pain in the neck or an upset stomach. Feeling blue means you are bored with life and just can’t really figure out how to move forward. In some cases, a person will suffer from a combination of both a lack of serotonin and dopamine.

If you have difficulty on deciding which brain chemical you are low in, there are online quizzes that you can do that will help. Just google, “online quiz for serotonin deficiency,” or “online quiz for dopamine deficiency.” There are a number of quizzes you can choose from, and there is one by Dr. Marnie, which covers both at once.

Before you begin the challenge make sure you have:

  • A large office size blank calendar
  • A journal which you can use to write your Sugar Detox journey.
  • You need a separate journal for gratitude. Why gratitude you may ask? To answer that, consider the homeless and less fortunate who scramble to find food, any kind of food. To move forward and have a rich and rewarding life, we need to be grateful for what we have and the opportunity to greet a new day with enthusiasm.

In the challenge we will talk frequently about serotonin and dopamine chargers. These are physical actions, mental work and foods that boost either brain chemical, or both.

You will be asked to challenge yourself to try a particular charger that you may have avoided. In this challenge we give examples of ways to increase your serotonin and dopamine. The actual true list is extremely long. That means you should do some research and write out natural ways to increase both of these brain chemicals. It will make it much easier for you, if you have a large number of choices to rely on. It is time to step up your game. Are you ready and willing to give 100%? Yes…then let’s do this.


Day 1- On this day, you have a good sized blank calendar on the wall, to write down notes about what to eat, what to avoid and what chargers you are going to be doing each day.

You also have your journals and today, you write a brief note in each one. For the journal, describe your feelings about sugar addiction. Write down if you are nervous, happy or a bit sad about leaving sugar behind.

In the gratitude journal, write down three things you are grateful for. Yes, when you do this, it is a charger and you should feel a tingle in your body as you write.

We are not done. Today is a big day because you are on a new road. Take a full body photo.

We will leave it up to you as to how much clothing you are wearing. However if you plan to share all your sugar detox journey on social media, dress accordingly.

Your house should be cleared of sugar by now. That means all unopened food that contains sugar, has been given to family, friends or the Food Bank.

Recheck your house now and if you find a can of food, read the labels. Take note of the sugar content and take a picture of the label to go on your fridge.

Give the food away and before going to bed, look at that picture on the fridge as a reminder not to replace it.


Day 2- Well day one was a blast and you had lots to accomplish. Are you excited? If not, do two physical serotonin/dopamine chargers. If you are pumped already, then do one. Yesterday you took a picture of yourself.

We didn’t ask you to weigh yourself because the picture needed to be processed by your coconscious and subconscious mind. Today after having had a great sleep, you will have an idea of how much you want to weigh after the Sugar Detox. You will also have a good idea of the types of exercise you will need to do and how much of it.

Eat at least one charger food today and do a high intensity workout before the next meal. If you follow the Sugar Detox to cure your addiction, you will see replacing a section, where you replace a meal with bone broth and do a high intensity workout before the next meal. Since there are concepts in this challenge that we will be repeatedly, we won’t repeat again how you have to do this. Just go with it as your new way of eating while you detox.


Day 3– Time to recheck the fridge. You will likely have opened bread and deli meat for example. Whatever is open and still fresh for eating, take it out of the fridge now. For something like bread and deli meat, you are going to make sandwiches. They are not for you. J

You are going to deliver them to the people you see every day on your way to work that are homeless. If you do not work outside the house, you probably know the local coffee shop where they hang out at the front. Pass out the sandwiches. If you are uncomfortable doing this by yourself, please take someone with you. Here is another option for you. Find someone who can pass out the food for you. Call the local fire department and tell them you want to help out and would any of the firefighters be interested in passing along the food. Firefighters do much more than fight fires. They are masters at helping people and you hear about them taking in Christmas presents for the underprivileged for example.

Once you get the food delivered, write in both your journals. In the gratitude journal, write how good it feels to feed someone who has not eaten anything in a couple of days. This is most definitely a charger. We will keep reminding you of what a charger is, because this concept is new and will take time to become a habit.

Day 4- Have some fun with social media today. Make a sugar free lunch and post a picture of it to your social media accounts. Caption it: “Whupping my sugar addiction with this beauty.”

Do one charger today. For serotonin, go bird watching. If you don’t have binoculars, just go to the park or trail and spend time observing the movements and songs of the birds. For dopamine, listen to as many tracks as possible of high energy music, which does not have negative lyrics.

Eat one to two charger foods for that fit your situation.

Write in both journals.

Day 5- Remember when we said we would be doing some whacky challenges. Well today is the day. Go to the local dollar store and buy large balloons and one red marker. Pick the foods that give you the most trouble: chips, pop, donuts, cake, pie and the list goes on. Write each one on a balloon with the marker. Place them on the floor and for each one, step on it and pop it while saying, “You are banished from my life.” If you don’t get a charge from doing this, up the intensity of the saying and be aggressive when popping those balloons. You are vanquishing your enemy.

Eat two charger servings today and do two charger activities.

Have you been eating nuts, seeds or pineapple chunks for serotonin? For dopamine, what about eggs or a small chunk of dark chocolate? Time to do it!

Write in both journals and then review them. What stands out in a positive way? Write it on a post it note and put it on your fridge or mirror to imprint it in your mind.

Day 6– Pick one food that you ate before that is a charger but you didn’t like. Try it again, but find a recipe that has something you do like. Here is your example. You tried mackerel but didn’t really like it. Google a recipe for mackerel with pineapple. Both are dopamine chargers. For serotonin, perhaps tofu is not on your happy list. Did you know tofu can be purchased with tasty flavors? There is tofu with lemon grass or spicy tofu as examples. Tofu can be made in many ways, so have some fun and research stores that sell types of Tofu.

Once you get, or make your charger food, take a picture of it and post it on your social media with something like this: “Fried tofu with lemon grass, who knew this was yummy?”

We eat two to three charger foods today and do two to three charger activities.

Write in both journals.


Day 7– What a week! Today, you document your progress. Weigh yourself and don’t be mean to yourself, if the weight loss is not what you wanted. Everyone loses weight differently. It will come. Check your face carefully in the mirror. Write down any changes in your journal. Yes, you are journaling every day. Now it is time to ask yourself questions and write down the answers. Take some time to reflect on the week.

What was hard, what was easy? What do you need to work on? Do you need to stay away from certain foods, up the exercise or work on your positive mindset? Put together a plan for improvements for next week.

And let’s eat those two to three charger foods and do two charger activities.

Write in both journals.

Day 8– Today we bump up the chargers. Do three chargers today. For example, for serotonin call the local retirement home where there are likely older people with no family and no visitors. Tell the front desk, you want to drop off a hand written card to show some love. They may not give you the person’s name but you can still do this by giving it to the reception area and have them deliver it. For dopamine, either watch mixed martial arts or take a free trial for a martial arts class, if you are physically able to. Even if you just watch, don’t get wrapped up in the fact, people are hitting each other. Focus on the techniques that they are doing. These people study and practice various forms of martial arts and are professionals who know exactly what they are getting into. Just by watching, your dopamine levels will rise.

Continue with your journals and eat two to three charger foods.

And yes, you do two charger activities today. J

Day 9– It is “whacky day,” again. You didn’t think we were going to just do that once, did you? For this exercise, it will depend on your physical abilities. You are going to walk a bit and then skip a bit, just like you did when you were a kid. The heart rate will go up and down which is awesome for you and put a huge grin on your face. Anyone who sees you will probably laugh, increasing their happy chemicals. Don’t be embarrassed, you are doing the right thing. Now if you are not able to skip, walk a decent pace and after a bit, swing your arms as best as you can while smiling. When you get tired, go back to just the walk and then repeat the swinging of the arms.

Eat two to three chargers per day and do three charger activities.

Write in your journals.


Day 10. This is a mindset day. Shut off your cellphone for as long as possible. If need be, advise friends and family of what you are doing so they don’t worry. Constantly checking your emails, social media and the news, lowers those special brain chemicals. For many people it can contribute to sadness, agitation, anger and frustration. Detox from your cellphone. It is also recommended to detox from your cellphone for two to three days, at least quarterly throughout the year and spend that time outdoors.

Write in your journals and eat two to three servings of chargers today.

Do three charger activities.

Day 11- Hopefully your cell phone detox went well yesterday. For today’s challenge, pull out your favorite CD. If you don’t have one, go to YouTube and type in your favorite song with accompanying lyrics. Play this song and sing the lyrics at the top of your voice. Get some body movement into it. After you finish, write down on a post it note, one to three positive things you felt as you did this and put it on the fridge.

Eat your two to three servings of chargers and three charger activities.

Before you sleep tonight, repeat the positive things you put on the post it note, until you drift off.

Day 12– Today you put on your cooking hat and prepare a meal that you have never tried before, that is sugar free. You need to expand your food knowledge. Bitter melon soup is a fine example of something you may have not tried before. Bitter melon is used in many parts of Asia to lower blood sugar and is perfect for anyone who has type 2 diabetes. You can even grow bitter melon in your garden. Here is a nice recipe that you can try out:

If you have eaten bitter melon before, locate another food and recipe and get cooking.

Once you are done, post a picture to social media. This is a great way to get other sugar free recipes from commenters, and even some encouraging words. Yes, it is possible you may get a negative one, but mentally you are much stronger than you were before starting the Sugar Detox and you will let that comment slide on by. J

It is two to three charger servings and three charger activities.

Write in both journals.

Day 13- Yesterday you were a cook, today you are a gardener. Depending on where you live and of course the season, you will be planting Fenugreek to be picked later, and start adding it to your food. Indoor herb growing is fun, so living in an apartment won’t be an excuse. Fenugreek is wonderful for sugar cravings and overall lowering of the blood sugar. Herbs have magical properties, so get growing today.

For today, you are having two to three charger servings and do three charger activities.

Write in both journals.

Day 14– This is the 2nd time for you to review your Sugar Detox journey. Do it the same way you did before and then compare the two. After the 1st time you did a review, there should have been items to work on. Ask yourself how successful you were on those items? Did you fix them all? For example did you cheat and go for coffee and a bag of donuts because a friend who isn’t onboard, pressured you? How do you feel about it? How will make sure it doesn’t happen again? What new things do you have to work on after doing review number two? Write them down, along with an action plan to get it done! Today you also check your weight and if skin issues were a problem, have a look and see if it is better. If you aren’t totally happy with the results, add into your action plan how you are going to accomplish your goals.

Let’s continue with making sure that in your daily meals, you are having at least two to three chargers foods. Do three charger activities.

Write in your journals and review your progress. If you find that your gratitude journal seems skimpy, then you need to decide how to be more grateful and how to serve others.

Serving others will increase your gratitude for everything you have. How do you do this? What is your hobby? Can you make something and give it to the kids at a children’s hospital. We are talking…knitted hats, handmade toys or handmade cards using the scrap book idea that many people have as a hobby. Google “scrapbooking,” to see how people make fantastic cards, wedding albums and such. This is going to help charge up your serotonin/dopamine levels and do amazing things for your overall mindset.


Day 16– What do you think you hate, that is actually great for you? Kale, spinach or Brussel sprouts come to mind. Yes, it is time to try another shot at something you think you’d never eat. You need as many sugar free foods as possible in your new meal plans. Okay, about those Brussel sprouts…try this today:

Continue with your food chargers, however try to get three to four servings per day of a food charger. That means your three main meals and at one snack time.

Work away on your journals. Then go back with a highlighter pen and do a complete review, highlighting the items you copied to a post it note, and some new ones. At the very end of the challenge and then every week thereafter, it will be a huge benefit for you to go back and review. This will help to make your lifestyle sugar free for the most part…from now on. You know that after the detox, you will sometimes have that sugar snack but it won’t be a lifestyle or become a problem.

Do three to four physical and/or mental chargers today. Have you….read a feel good book, like one in the Chicken Soup For ____ series? How about bowling or getting some incense to burn and do meditation?

Day 17- Make three new sugar free meals today. A simple breakfast, an easy lunch and then of course supper. Try to use recipes that you haven’t tried yet. You need to keep mixing it up, so the food doesn’t get boring. After dinner, post all three to social media and ask for recommendations for other meal ideas.

Do three to four charger activities of your choice today and have three to four servings of charger foods.

Do your journals and write down how much fun it was making new meals. Write down how grateful you were for the opportunity to eat today.

Day 18- We will be working you hard today. Are you up to the challenge? Of course you are. Today, do four charger activities that are totally new to you. It could be darts, visiting someone you haven’t seen in a long time and taking them an inexpensive, but surely appreciated gift. Come up with four great ideas and do them today!

After you have done that, head to your social media account and ask for recommended books to read. You need to have a positive mindset and reading self-development is something everyone needs to do. If you haven’t read Les Brown or followed him on Facebook, do it for sure. He will change your attitude about life and its blessings.

Have four charger servings of food and do your journals. We are coming close to the end and you need to be on top of your game. You are a winner!

Day 19- Today pick at least one spice you have never tried, that is perfect for Sugar Detox. Having you tried, real cinnamon, real liquorice or turmeric? By real, we mean not the type of liquorice you find in those red and black candies. Real liquorice you get from health food stores. How about that turmeric? Have you tried it? Do you use it in your cooking or making Turmeric milk with cinnamon and cloves? This spice has been part of India’s ancient health system for over 5,000 years. Your challenge is to use one today, and if you have tried all three, investigate further spices and pick one to try.

You will eat four charger servings and do four charger activities. The journaling continues. You will be a master of this soon.

 Day 20- As we are winding down, you need to assess how your brain chemicals have been affected. Are your serotonin/dopamine levels working so that you are feeling great? If you have doubts, this will be a real challenge for some of you. J  You will go to YouTube and watch between five to ten funny cat/dog videos.

You might wonder why people watch these. Well the answer is, animals can be downright hilarious and by watching those videos, you cannot help but laugh. Laughter is indeed….the best medicine.

Today you eat four charger servings and do four charger activities.

Write in your journals and reflect on how well you are doing.

Day 21– Congratulations! You did it. 21 days of challenges to change your life. For your last day, weigh yourself and then take your final full body photo. You should be very pleased by the results and go ahead and post it to social media. Encourage others to get on the Sugar Detox journey and have a happy and healthy life.

The final thing to do besides the same number of chargers and journaling as yesterday, is to do a full report. You are reporting to the big boss. That is you. So make it detailed. The final step is to write out an action plan for the next month. When you do this and you review it frequently, the chances of becoming sugar addicted again will be far lower.

 Thank you for taking the challenge and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact support. We are there for you.

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