2030: What Will Laptops Look Like In The Next Decade?

I would expect a rapidly growing trend toward “ultrabook” devices and tablets with detachable keyboards like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

But something extremely important happened last year. Nearly every major laptop made in 2019 had 5mm or ¼” bezels—essentially turning every 15″ laptop into a 14″ laptop and every 17″ laptop into a 15″ one. Not only that, but most of them or at least a good percentage of them had 120Hz or 144Hz screens. And as if that were not good enough, these high refresh rate screens are now frequently vibrant and rich IPS screens rather than inferior TN panels.

This is a trend that makes laptops as good or in some cases better than desktop equivalents.

This is my opinion of tablets. Millennials look at a tablet as a cumbersome and oversized smart phones, while those of us who grew up with desktop PCs look at them as inconvenient an severely underpowered laptops without keyboards. To use a tablet for anything productivity related you need to have some way to prop it up and adjust the viewing angle—so in essence you need a monitor stand or an attached keyboard so you might just as well have a desktop or a laptop.

But then you get to graphics. There is not a tablet made that doesn’t have garbage graphics. Gaming on a cell phone or a tablet truly sucks (pardon my French.) But that will improve, just not any time soon. Maybe 2024 when the mainstream is at 5nm lithography.

To me, there are currently three industry-defining laptops.

1.The LG gram. tons of CPU power and storage in a beautiful and thin magnesium case that weighs just over two pounds or one Kg. Georgeous 15.6″ IPS touchscreen and Thunderbolt 3 means you could actually game on this with an external graphics card. If the Gram had a flip-screen that let you hide the keypad, it would rival the best tablets out there in terms of screen size and total weight. Add that spec list to a device with 16 hours of battery life and you’ve got close to the perfect mobile device—at a mere $1300.

2.The new 2020 ROG Zephyrus. With industry leading performance and efficiency in a AMD Ryzen 4800/4900 8-core CPU, the bar has been raised. This cool and efficient CPU bests the fastest Intel mobile CPU without system-melting internal temperatures, plus amazing battery life as a bonus.

3.The Lenovo Legion Y740. In my opinion the ultimate desktop replacement with its i7–9750H and RTX 2070 on a mind-blowing 144Hz 17″ IPS screen featuring both HDR and G-sync. While gorgeous and uncompromisingly fast, the Y740 is a bit chunky by 2020 standards and it makes you long for the ¼” bezels on the sexier models.

Ultimately, I think the point I’m getting around to is that when it comes to the “killer app” the modern laptop is the most killer of all killer apps since the invention of the wheel. Today in 2020 it is still far from being perfected. But you definitely have to admit they are a reasonable step up from the economical and handy suitcase sized Osborne 1.

The ultimate laptop of 2030 will be a wafer-thin OLED screen with the power of a RTX 2080 Ti that uses 15W and has a 36-hour battery life. They will be so beautiful and amazing that every man, woman and child on the planet will want one.

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Written by Gina Freey


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